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Q Is there a cost to join National’s Emerald Club?

A No. As part of your company’s negotiated car rental program, National has agreed to waive the $50 charge to join Emerald Club.

Q If I’m already an Emerald Club Member do I need to enroll again?

A No, it is not necessary to enroll again. However, you will need to update your member profile with your current employer’s Contract ID number and corporate credit card number and expiration date. Use the “profile update” link to make any changes or to review your information on file. Profiles may be updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q Under what circumstances should I update my profile?

A If any of the information below has changed, you should update your profile:

  1. Employer/Contract ID number
  2. Credit card information
  3. Home address
  4. Driver license information

Use the “profile update” link to make any* changes or to review your information on file.

*To update Employer/Contract ID number call our member services line at 1-800-962-7070 between the hours of 9-6 EST, Mon-Fri.

Q Once I’ve enrolled in Emerald Club, how soon can I make a reservation and receive all Emerald Club benefits?

A When you enroll via this link you will receive your Emerald Club number and your membership will be immediately available for use.

Q How do I identify myself as an Emerald Club Member?

A Once you enroll, you will be assigned a 9-digit Emerald Club number. Each time you make a reservation remember to provide this number to your travel agent, or in the field provided on your self-booking tool or at

Q Why do I need to provide my Contract ID number when I make a reservation?

A Providing your Contract ID number ensures that you will receive all of the benefits associated with your company’s negotiated car rental program.

Q Should I purchase the converage options offered at time of rental?

A Each corporate contract is negotiated with custom rates, terms and conditions. Some corporate rates already include coverage. Please contact your Corporate Travel Office for the specifics of your plan as well as any policy on accepting or declining optional collision or liability coverages.

Q Can I rent for personal travel with my Emerald Club membership?

A Yes! Your Emerald Club membership is valid for all of your rentals with National whether for business or personal. However, check with you Corporate Travel Office before using your Contract ID to rent for personal travel.

Q If I have other questions regarding Emerald Club that are not addressed here, whom should I contact?

A For general questions, call Emerald Club Member Services at 1-800-962-7070, Monday – Friday, 9AM to 6PM EST. If you have specific questions relating to your company’s corporate car rental plan, please contact your Corporate Travel Office directly.

Rental Policies