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Emerald Reserve Service, is exclusively for Emerald Club® members. Whether you reserve a convertible, SUV, minivan or any other vehicle, you'll be amazed at the speed and convenience of this service. With Emerald Reserve, you'll be able to reserve any car type, excluding midsize (or fullsize if Executive level member). When you arrive at the location, you'll bypass the counter, go directly to the row of the car class reserved and choose any car. It's that easy! Emerald Reserve Service is available at all Executive Selection & Emerald AisleTM locations.

When making midsize car reservations, please continue to go directly to the Emerald Aisle and choose from any available car as usual - all at the price of an midsize. You may still find vehicles on the Aisle that are larger than midsize (including fullsize), but if you need to guarantee a specific car class, simply use Emerald Reserve Service.

Here's how it works:

RESERVE: Any car class excluding Midsize (excluding fullsize if Executive level member) Midsize
PAY: Car class reserved
(if Executive level member, pay one car class less for fullsize through luxury vehicles)
DRIVE: Any available car from row of car class reserved Any available car on the Aisle

Emerald Reserve Service is available at the following major airport locations in the United States and Canada:

United States:


Calgary, AB, CA
Vancouver, BC, CA
Montreal, QC, CA

Emerald Aisle and Emerald Reserve Service are available at select National locations only. List of locations is subject to change without notice. Emerald Club and its services require a signed Master Rental Agreement on file.