Emerald Club

Emerald Club membership: Choice. Speed. Privilege.

Welcome to The Emerald Club®, the industry's premier car-rental reward program - powered by speed and choice. As a member, you have access to our signature Emerald Aisle® experience, designed to get you on the road in seamless fashion. You also earn rich rewards along the way, including Free Rental Days, frequent-flyer miles or hotel rewards.

Membership in The Emerald Club means getting on the road in three easy steps:


Always reserve a Midsize car to begin your Aisle experience.


Go straight to the Aisle - the keys are in the cars.


Any size, color, make or model on the Aisle is yours at the reserved Midsize rate.

Want to see the Emerald Club in action? Take a spin in our virtual tour.

Important Member Information


Keep your Member Profile up-to-date

We want to make sure you receive the fastest possible rental service every time you rent from National, so please remember to check your profile online before traveling. Having the correct personal information on your Emerald Club membership profile will make the rental process quick and easy. Should your profile information be out of date, such as credit card or driver's license expiration dates, you will be delayed the next time you rent.

Don't forget your IDENTIFICATION

For increased security, we will be requiring you to present your driver's license and credit card to the rental agent or exit booth agent for all rental transactions.

Emerald Club Member Services

If you have any questions concerning your Emerald Club membership or need assistance, please contact: Emerald Club Member Services at 1-800-962-7070 from 9 AM - 6PM EST, Monday - Friday.