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Take Control of Your Business Travel with These 3 Tech Gadgets

Control enthusiasts know how to navigate the challenges of business travel while staying in the driver’s seat. One way to do that is to equip yourself with technology that makes your travel easier. From fitness to sleep, tech expert Andru Edwards recommends three new tech gadgets that will keep the busiest road warriors in control of their business travels.

Bose Sleepbuds

What it is: Noise-masking earbuds

Available at: www.bose.com

According to National Car Rental’s 2018 State of Business Travel Survey, business travelers reported they tend to get less sleep while on the road for work. The Bose Sleepbuds can help by allowing the business traveler to control the noise level in their environment. Unlike noise-cancelling headphones, the sleepbuds use noise-masking technology to block out loud hotel neighbors, noisy airports and chatty airplane seatmates. They come in three sizes to customize the fit to each person’s ears and are designed to stay comfortable and in place all night long. The compatible Bose Sleep app allows the user to customize their sleep settings and even set personal alarms that only they can hear. The batteries charge wirelessly from their charging case and last up to 16 hours to give you maximum control.

Motiv Ring

What it is: Wearable smart ring that acts as a fitness tracker

Available at: www.mymotiv.com

The Motiv Ring is the perfect travel accessory for any business traveler who wants to stay in control of their fitness while on the road.  This very small wearable device comes in seven ring sizes and slips discreetly on your finger. The titanium, ultra-light waterproof ring has a built-in heart sensor for comprehensive fitness tracking 24/7, putting health at your fingertips. It monitors activity, sleep, heart rate, calories burned and more to keep the wearer informed and motivated. The Motiv Ring syncs wirelessly to its companion app with no buttons required, meaning you can see your latest fitness data instantly.

Ember Travel Coffee Mug

What it is: Temperature controlled smart travel mug

Available at: www.ember.com

Coffee-loving control enthusiasts, meet your dream gadget. The Ember Travel Mug puts the business traveler in charge of their perfect cup of joe. The Ember uses seven temperature sensors, a rapid cooling system and a microprocessor-controlled heating system to allow the user to not only set their exact drink temperature but maintain it for up to two hours. Through its companion app, the user can remotely adjust the temperature, save presets for different drinks and get notifications when the drink reaches the desired temperature. Control never tasted so delicious.