Go mobile & take control.

The National app provides travelers with one place to manage their rentals.

Key Features

Emerald Checkout℠

With Emerald Checkout, you can take control to a whole new level at Emerald Aisle locations in the US and Canada. Scan a vehicle in the aisle (and view details like mileage and features), confirm your rental options and accelerate your exit process with a Virtual Pass barcode.

Manage Your Profile & Rewards

Manage your Emerald Club profile, view your progress to the next Emerald Club tier and keep track of credits toward free rental days.

Easy Reservations and Rental Tracking

As an Emerald Club member, profile details are automatically applied so reservations are easier than ever. And, our Rental Tracker℠  provides you with important trip information when you need it.

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National Mobile App

Speed & convenience in the palm of your hand.