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3 Travel Tech Gadgets for Multi-Taskers, Gamers and Control Enthusiasts

Traveling for business and traveling for pleasure don’t need to be mutually exclusive experiences. Tech expert Andru Edwards highlights the latest and greatest when it comes to optimizing Speed, Choice and Control during work hours — and after.  

SPEED: Galaxy Fold


Multi-taskers will gravitate toward Samsung’s breakthrough Galaxy Fold, which boasts 12GB of RAM and allows you to open and run up to three apps at the same time with the split screen view. The ultra-thin device has a flexible screen that folds like a book, giving you the option of using it closed like a smartphone or open like a tablet — with no time wasted switching back and forth between two devices. The Galaxy Fold’s Intelligent Performance Enhancer adapts to your habits, anticipating which apps to launch instantly to save time. And cut back on the amount of time you spend charging your device while traveling; the Intelligent Adaptive Power Saving Mode will automatically preserve your battery life based on your usage.

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CHOICE: Nintendo Switch Lite


All work and no play? No way. Even the fiercest of road warriors needs to unwind, and the Nintendo Switch Lite gives you a wireless way to unplug any way you choose. Compact, lightweight and available in three cool colors (yellow, turquoise and gray), this mobile gaming device is optimized for handheld play. With more than 2,000 games in the Nintendo library to choose from, you can play to your tech-loving heart’s content. Traveling with your team? The Nintendo Switch Lite can connect to up to eight compatible systems for group gaming on the go.

CONTROL: Amazon Echo Show 5


Smart things come in small packages. Next time you hit the road, bring along the petite-but-powerful Amazon Echo Show 5 and stay in control while you’re away. Thanks to the combination of a 5.5-inch smart display and on-demand help from Alexa, you can stay in touch by making voice or video calls to family or coworkers; stay entertained with your favorite music or movies; and stay organized by managing your to-do lists and calendars. Plus, you can keep tabs on the home front even when you’re gone with the ability to operate your smart home devices remotely. Your privacy won’t be compromised, either. The Echo Show 5 gives you the option to turn off the mic and camera, as well as utilize the built-in privacy shutter.

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