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Why I’m Excited for My Next Business Trip

This post was originally published on RonneB.com.

When it comes to traveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure, I have pretty high expectations. 

Business travel consists of me having to leave my family at home, so I try to make my trips as short as possible to return home quickly, which usually results in me having a very tight schedule. I have had many experiences in the past where I am waiting for a rideshare service or waiting for my car service to gather my paperwork together, which seems to take a lifetime. 

I’m sure I can speak for most business travelers when I say that having to wait is a HUGE pet peeve. I like to think that traveling can be just as much a luxury as being at home, if you have the right resources and amenities. Why should you have to sacrifice when you are away on business, am I right? 

I travel at least once a month for business and two to three times a year for pleasure. I almost always rent a vehicle to get to and from the airport. I’ve taken rideshares, but that can get very pricey. To be honest, I like being in complete control of my time. I like having a vehicle readily available for me if I need it. It allows me to have one less thing to worry about when I am planning out my work schedule. 

Here come the high expectations that I mentioned before: I expect my rental car to be clean, easy to access, and of similar quality to what I drive daily. Again, my perspective is, why should I have to sacrifice when I’m away on business? I shouldn’t, period.

Now, here is where I want to share my excitement, and for lack of a better word, relief! I have finally found a car rental service that has exceeded my expectations and has made my business travel worthwhileNational Car Rental came to my attention a few weeks ago and I thought, why not give them a try?

I had a business trip coming up, so it was the perfect time to try something new. I decided to join their Emerald Club, which opens up even more perks when traveling; and let me tell you, it was outstanding to say the least! 

With National Car Rental and The Emerald Club, Green Means Go ®. Join the club that puts you in control wherever you go.

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Remember when I said waiting was a HUGE pet peeve? Well, with the Emerald Club I can literally do the paperwork from my phone in three minutes! Wait, what? Three minutes? YES. I did the paperwork as I was getting off my flight and my vehicle was ready for me by the time I grabbed my luggage.

Here’s the great thing about being a member of National’s Emerald Club: your vehicle is ready and waiting on YOU. There’s no more waiting for them to pull the vehicle around or find it in their lot. The days of waiting ages to sign endless paperwork are over. They have a designated Emerald Aisle for you to choose your vehicle, keys inside, and you’re ready to go. Everything is done from your phone using QR codes. If you see a vehicle that you prefer over others, just hop in, scan your code, and go. It can be done so simply from their mobile app!

I was honestly blown away at the ease of this process. I’m always skeptical and thought surely something would hold me up, especially with it being my first time using the service. But it was very user friendly, and I even got to choose a vehicle that was like my daily driver. My vehicle looked brand new, and I could tell that this company really focuses on the quality and satisfaction of their customers. 

Guys, I’m here to tell you that I am so excited for my next business trip, which is something that didn’t so easily flow from my mouth before. I’m in a vehicle just about as much as I am in my hotel room when I’m away on business. I am constantly having to go from location to location to do an event, or grab dinner, or meet with some business partners. So, having the peace of mind knowing that National Car Rental has my back is priceless!! 

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Emerald Club, download the National mobile app and get your rental scheduled TODAY!

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