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One-Way Car Rentals For Business Travelers

Start your business trip off right by experiencing speed, choice, and control with National car rental. A one-way car rental allows you to pick up and drop off your rental car at different locations. This is especially helpful if:

  • You're visiting multiple cities during your business trip.
  • You want to take a scenic detour rather than drive back to the hotel.
  • Your flight got delayed and it may be faster to get a rental car and drive to your next destination.

How To Reserve One-Way Car Rental with National?

Reserve your car by filling out the reservation widget and selecting "Different Return" above. You will then enter the return location and proceed with selecting your car class. Unlimited mileage is available on one-way car rentals in the U.S and Canada (Please note that there may be some mileage restrictions on specialty vehicles such as large passenger vans, cargo vans, and large SUVs).

Does National charge a one-way drop charge fee?

There is typically no drop charge (also called an “inter-city fee”) for one-way rentals between airport locations*. All pricing details will be disclosed in the second step of the booking process. Start your reservation above and reserve your car today!


*Restrictions may apply

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