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Broaden Your Choices on the Road with These 3 Tech Gadgets

Business travel is all about choices — where to stay, what to eat, which route to take to the big meeting. When it comes to gadgetry, tech expert Andru Edwards has three tech products that will keep choice at the forefront of your next business trip, making your time on the road more enjoyable.

Apple Watch Series 4

What it is: Smartwatch with fitness tracking and cellular service

Available at: www.apple.com

The next-generation Apple Watch is all about providing you with choices and is optimized with a full slate of capabilities. The built-in cellular provides a fully wireless experience, meaning you can choose to stay connected, make calls, receive texts and more. It features the all-new S4 chip and improved power efficiency, allowing you the freedom to get through your business travel day on a single charge. The viewable display area is 30% larger than the previous model and the speakers are 50% louder — providing better sound quality and clearer phone calls. It even acts as a fitness tracker, workout partner and virtual health monitor with capabilities to check your heart rate and share results directly with your doctor. The choices don’t end there. With models ranging from Nike+ to Hermès, you can choose to customize your Apple Watch to fit your style.

Hidrate Spark 2.0

What it is: Smart water bottle that tracks water intake and reminds you to hit your daily hydration goal

Available at: www.hidratespark.com

Dehydration is one of business travel’s biggest challenges. From long flights to changes in fitness routines, business travelers must be committed to making conscious choices to stay hydrated. The Hidrate Spark 2.0 makes it easy to stay hydrated while on the road. It is a smart water bottle that syncs via Bluetooth to wearable devices to give you a full picture of your hydration needs. You can upload your water consumption goals and track of every ounce you drink through a free app. Feeling dehydrated after a long flight? Your bottle will start glowing to remind you to drink more water, taking the guesswork out of staying healthy and hydrated on the road.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

What it is: Slim laptop and tablet in one

Available at: www.microsoft.com

Frequent travelers know that carry-on space is in high demand. The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 decreases the number of gadgets to pack by increasing your options. Not only is it slim and lightweight, its innovative design provides three modes to choose from — laptop, studio or tablet — to give you the most flexibility while you are on the road. Versatility doesn’t mean you have to forgo productivity. The Surface Pro 6 has up to 13.5 hours of battery life, and the 8th generation Intel Core processor brings a powerful boost in performance. It is also designed for use with next generation tools like the Surface Pen to give you more options, making it the perfect tech travel companion.