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4 Tech Products That Put You in Control of Your Business Travel

When it comes to business travel, there are a lot of things that are beyond your control, such as delayed flights, unforeseen detours and last-minute schedule changes. But while travel plans might change, the rest of life as a road warrior doesn’t have to, thanks to tech products aimed at putting you in the driver’s seat. These gadgets, recommended by tech expert Andru Edwards, will give you the control you need, whether you’re on the road, at work, or at home.

Cloud Cam & Smart Lock

What it is: Home security camera and smart lock

Available at: www.amazon.com/Introducing-Amazon-Key-In-Home-Kit

It’s important to feel in control of your home, no matter where your business travels take you. Amazon’s Cloud Cam and Smart Lock doesn’t just give you peace of mind, it gives you complete control over who enters your home and when. Have packages left in your home by granting access via the smart lock and key so you never miss another delivery. Worried about keeping plants watered and pets fed while you’re away from home? Grant access to friends and family with personalized access codes to make sure everything is cared for. Receive a notification each time your door is locked and unlocked to avoid any surprises. Keep an eye on everything – even from afar – by using the companion app to access the cloud cam. It even has night vision so you’re never left in the dark.

Beddi Glow

What it is: Smart alarm clock with sun-simulating light

Available at: www.wittidesign.com/beddi

All the coffee in the world is no substitute for a good night’s sleep that leaves you feeling rested when you wake. Control your morning routine with Beddi Glow, the smart alarm clock with a sunrise-simulating warm light that wakes you up naturally and on your own schedule. Set your alarm and 30 minutes before it’s scheduled to sound, a warm light will gradually increase, much like a natural sunrise. This handy feature can even combat jetlag, making the morning after a long flight easier to manage. Connect Beddi Glow with your Spotify account to start the day with your favorite song, or use the white noise function to drown out any noisy hotel neighbors. Deep sleep and pleasant mornings are on the agenda, whether you’re on the road or in the comfort of your own bed.

Echo Spot

What it is: Alexa-enabled speaker with visual displays

Available at: www.amazon.com/echospot

Amazon’s Echo Spot is a must-have for any business traveler. It offers all the capabilities of Alexa but now with an added visual component. View video clips, music lyrics and weather forecasts within seconds. Worried about heavy traffic making you late to that client dinner? No problem. Alexa will show you the fastest route. Control the look of the device by choosing from a variety of clock faces or uploading a personal photo. You can also use the device to control your smart home by prompting it to complete tasks such as turning on lights or playing music on command.


What it is: Portable device that purifies the air around you

Available at: https://shop.hellowynd.com/

There are plenty of things you can’t control when it comes to the environment. Ask anyone who’s gotten snowed-in while on that business trip to Minneapolis or the road warrior stuck in the infamous stop-and-go traffic in Los Angeles.  While on the road, it’s important to make the most of the things you can control, such as the quality of the air you breathe. The Wynd air purifier filters out allergens, germs and industrial pollution, delivering up to eight liters of clean air per second via the medical grade air-filter. You can even control where you take it. Put the portable air filter on your nightstand before bed; place it in your car’s cup holder before that Monday morning meeting; or keep it next to your computer at the office. Twist the top of the device to control airflow and breath easy knowing that the air around you is clean – even if your desk isn’t.