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Technically Speaking - Episode 2

Speed: Overcast App

What it is: Audio podcast player with features including Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists
Available at: iTunes and Google Play

If you love podcasts but don’t have a lot of time, The Overcast app is for you. Its Smart Speed feature dynamically shortens silences and long pauses to deliver a faster listening experience.

Choice: Bragi The Headphone

What it is: Wireless smart headphones designed for hands-free communication
Available at: www.bragi.com

Bragi’s The Headphone lets you listen without boundaries. The wireless earbuds allow you to listen to music tracks, take phone calls or deliver voice commands all without having to look at your smart phone.

Control: Scottevest OTG Jacket

What it is: Men’s jacket featuring 29 pockets in three layers for convenient access to your tech
Available at: www.scottevest.com

Stay in control while traveling with the Scottevest Off The Grid JacketThe OTG Jacket has 29 pockets that hold all of your tech, from full-size laptops to your iPad to your phone, without showing bumps or bulges. It even has an RFID blocking pocket that keeps your credit cards safe.

These are Andru’s picks for tech products that make your life faster, give you more choices and keep you in control, but how do they hold up to the road warrior test? We sent Bragi’s The Headphone to a few of our National Emerald Club members to get their feedback.

“I tried the product both at home for phone calls and listening to music, as well as taking them out running. I am surprised at how well they stay in the ear. I really like that the charging case has a magnet to secure the earbuds. They are also easy to use for phone calls. Music comes through clearly and it is easy to adjust the volume. They do a good job blocking out the ambient noise. I would recommend them if you are looking for wireless earbuds for phone calls, but not for workout purposes, because the sound of my footsteps is too loud.”

- James W., Huntersville, N.C.

“Initially, the sound was a disappointment: very little bass, a bit weak and no depth. Also when toggling between turning on and off the Audio Transparency (a cool feature that actively transmits some outside noise) I wasn’t able to hear much of a difference. This told me that the fit wasn’t as tight as needed because I wasn’t getting the sound isolation that I should have. I then switched to the larger set of tips. The first sets were thin silicone flaps, shaped like a mushroom cap. The third set was made of a soft, squishy memory foam. These changed everything! The fit was extremely comfortable and very secure, but the biggest difference was the sound. Now there was plenty of bass, not booming or overpowering. Sound isolation was now very effective and I could definitely hear the effects of using the Audio Transparency setting for times when you would like to have a little outside noise coming through.”

- Joseph G., Florissant, Mo.

“I would absolutely recommend this product to a fellow traveler. They give me more control in my travel by never leaving me to worry about pulling tangled headphones out of my travel bag during my trip. The handy charging base case slides easily into a pocket and can be charged off of a laptop or from a portable power brick. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it is easy to control your device through the earbud without needing to remove your phone from its storage place.”

- Dustin S., Pittsburgh, Pa.