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Technically Speaking - Golf Edition - National Control Center

Get ready to hit the green with the best golf technology of the season. In each episode, our Technically Speaking host, Andru Edwards, highlights his favorite tech products in three categories: speed, choice and control. Because National is a proud partner of the PGA of America, this week we are talking golf. Here are his favorite tech gadgets to have handy before you tee up:

Speed: Game Golf Live

What it is: GPS real-time automatic shot tracking system
Available at: www.gamegolf.com

Game Golf Live is a wearable GPS device that communicates with sensor tags attached to the top of the grip on each club to instantly track your activity on the green. The integrated software platform automatically captures performance data in real time and allows you to access it through your phone.

Choice: Last Minute Golfer

What it is: Smartphone app that finds last minute tee times in more than 80 cities worldwide
Available at: iTunesGoogle Play

If you have ever been on a business trip and found yourself with extra time to golf a few rounds but didn’t know where to go, the Last Minute Golfer app is for you.  It uses a GPS system to find same-day or next-day tee times close to you and lets you instantly book directly through the app.

Control: Smart Coach Training System by Zepp

What it is: Training platform that includes a multi-sport sensor and free app to analyze your swing
Available at: www.zepp.com

The Smart Coach Training System is a sensor that attaches to your golf glove and analyzes your swing. The 3D swing analysis instantly evaluates the areas you can improve on including club speed, club plane, tempo and backswing length. It also has personalized video training programs from PGA and LPGA Players to help you improve your game.

Now that Andru has presented three products that can help you achieve speed, choice and control in your golf game, how do they really work on the course? We picked three National Emerald Club road warriors to test out the Smart Coach Training System and give us their real feedback.

“I like that it is completely customizable. I am a lefty, and the tool can be calibrated to reflect that imagery. Makes it much easier to see things. I also like the fact that you can enter your exact club make/model in the setup screen. Makes it very easy to be ‘my’ coaching tool.”

- Brian K., Covington Township, Pa.

“This is a very cool and useful gadget for a golf enthusiast. I opened it right up and started taking some swings! It’s very easy to set up and use. The interface and app are very clean and well-designed, and it gives you instant feedback on your swing. This small device allows a golfer to work year round on their swing with great feedback, analysis, and visual information.”

- Donald T., Brookfield, Wisc.

“Let's face it: golf is a major professional ‘rite of passage’ in business these days! My schedule is quite hectic with working two jobs, one of which requires me to travel extensively. Trying to commit to any long-term golf lessons has been extremely difficult. I always figured devices like this were for more experienced golfers who were more into analyzing their swing to improve and wouldn't be as much of a benefit to a beginner such as me. I like that this analyzer gives you the immediate and fairly accurate analysis of your swing, but then also gives you an option to see how you can improve based that analysis. Now I have a way to look at instant feedback and a tutoring system to help improve my swing, which will improve my golf game. My CEO once asked me to go golfing with him and I had a truly beginners showing that I have been very embarrassed about. I'm itching to improve my game and get back on a course with him!”

- Jason S., Dallas, Texas