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Technically Speaking - Episode 6

Speed: Tile Slim

What it is: Bluetooth tracking device
Available at: www.thetileapp.com                        

The Tile Slim is one of the slimmest Bluetooth trackers ever made, measuring as thin as the size of two credit cards put together. You can attach tiles to your phone, wallet or other items that you constantly misplace. Place the square devices on items and download the app to your smartphone in order to track them in the 100-foot Bluetooth range so you don’t spend precious time searching for missing things. Find your lost phone by double-pressing on any of your tiles to make your phone ring – even when it’s on silent.

Choice: Avegant Glyph

What it is: Wearable personal theater headset
Available at: www.avegant.com  

The Avegant Glyph is a movie lover’s dream. The mediawear device received an Innovation Award at CES 2017 because of its mobile design and advanced HD audio and video capabilities. The Glyph can sit on your head like a pair of headphones or be flipped down over your eyes to view any content from your mobile device for an immersive, high-definition viewing experience.

Control: Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate

What it is: Universal remote control
Available at: www.amazon.com

Tired of having too many remotes? Logitech’s Harmony Ultimate lets you control up to 15 smart devices. You can dim your lights, control your TV or listen to your tunes – all with the press of a button or a voice command. It not only works with the Amazon Echo, it’s compatible with 5,000 brands and 25,000 devices. You can even download the app to use your smartphone as a universal remote control.

How do Andru’s picks hold up in everyday life?

Three National Emerald Club road warriors tested out the Tile Slim Tracker in their daily lives and gave us their feedback.

“The Tile Slim tracker is small enough, powerful enough and can fit just about anywhere. I easily put the small Tile Slim into my wallet. When you are traveling, you usually are a bit short on time. If you misplace something and have the Tile Slim attached to it, rather than wasting time and fretting looking for your item, the Tile Slim will find it for you. It saves time and it saves stressful moments.”

- Nancy T., San Diego, Calif.

“Place the Tile Slim tracker in or on ANYTHING that you simply have to have.  It’s pretty cool to attach it to things that you might lose track of occasionally, like a phone, briefcase, wallet or purse. My wife uses hers with luggage when she travels. We usually pack one bag of essentials with the Tile Slim included in it, so that we never lose track of medicines or anything else that we would HAVE to have as we travel. There is a peace of mind that exists. We've never had a problem with Tile Slim in our luggage, but I'm glad it's there if we did.”

- Marc B., Brownsburg, Ind.

“The first few times, my kids and I made a game out of it to see how the product worked. They hid my purse with the Tile Slim in it and we used the app on my phone to find it. It worked well. I also used the app to find my phone twice. It was easy to tap the Tile and my phone rang. I was able to find it quickly. I think it will definitely shave some time off my morning routine if I use it to find my phone instead of walking around my whole house looking for it.”

- Jessica C., Coeur D’Alene, Idaho