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Technically Speaking - Episode 8

With all the gadgets out there, how do you know which ones will really make your life easier? In each episode of Technically Speakingtech expert Andru Edwards highlights his top tech picks in three categories: speed, choice and control. Here are his picks this episode:

Speed: Samsung Portable SSD T3

What it is: Fast and compact external hard drive
Available at: www.samsung.com

This little gadget is setting the standard for speed when it comes to external hard drives. For the size of a business card, this compact device holds up to two terabytes of data and can reduce downtime with super-fast read and write speeds of up to 450 megabytes per second. That’s up to four times faster than traditional external hard drives!

Choice: Buckshot Pro

What it is: 3-in-1 portable Bluetooth speaker, charger and flashlight
Available at: www.outdoortechnology.com

The Buckshot Pro by Outdoor Tech is a portable speaker that wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device. You have three choices on how to use this gadget: as a speaker, a USB power bank or a flashlight. It is water, shock and dirt resistant making it great for the beach, camping or while you are on a business trip. 

Control: Luminette Wearable Light Therapy Glasses

What it is: Light Technology to improve your mood and regulate sleep
Available at: www.myluminette.com

Traveling can make you feel out of control. Luminette Wearable Light Therapy Glasses might help you regain it. Wear them like a normal pair of glasses and carry on with your morning routine. The light technology simulates the effects of sunlight and activates your body’s positive response to light. In just about 30 minutes, they may help improve your mood, combat insomnia and even battle jet lag.

How do Andru’s picks hold up in everyday life? Three National Emerald Club road warriors tested out the Buckshot Pro in their daily lives and gave us their feedback.

“I plan on taking the Buckshot Pro on my trips so I have a flashlight, power bank and speaker with me all the time. I've seen all three products by themselves, but never have seen one that combines them all. It allows me to carry one item when I travel and have all three items easily accessible. I can make sure my phone is always charged and always able to work. I’m able to relax while listening to music in my hotel room. It is great for business travelers and outdoor travelers.”  

- Brent B., Round Lake, Ill.

“This product enables me to have additional power for my phone and iPad, meaning I can stay connected after my built-in batteries have left me disconnected. The size is ideal for a carry-on or laptop bag, so it won't take up much space. And who can't use a flashlight in a hotel room when you can't find the light switch or don't want to wake others by turning on the light?”

- James M., Swanton, Ohio

“I would absolutely recommend this to a fellow business traveler since there are so many different functions in a compact package. Since this product fulfills multiple needs in one product, I can reduce the number of electronics I carry while traveling by streamlining my packing.” 

- Kevin C., Metairie, La.