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Technically Speaking - Episode 14

Whether you’re on the road, at work or at home, we know that there are three things that really matter to you:  speed, choice and control. In every episode of Technically Speaking, tech expert Andru Edwards highlights hot new gadgets in each of these categories that will make your life easier. Here are his picks this episode:

Speed: Amazon Dash Buttons

What it is: Wi-Fi-connected devices that order products from Amazon
Available at: www.amazon.com

One-click ordering is so yesterday! With Amazon Dash Buttons, you don’t need a computer or even a smartphone to order your favorite products. Place the buttons anywhere you use your favorite products, from the laundry room to the kitchen, and when you’re running low, simply press the button on the device. With one touch, your supplies are immediately ordered through Amazon and scheduled for delivery the next day. Talk about speedy service! 

Choice: Reliefband by Neurowave

What it is: Wearable tech for the treatment of nausea and fatigue 
Available at: www.reliefband.com

Thirty-three percent of the population suffers from motion sickness, and for a frequent traveler, that can be a real problem. The Reliefband is a clinically proven and FDA-cleared wearable tech gadget that helps you with the side effects of motion sickness. It looks just like a watch so you can be discreet while you travel with comfort and ease.

Control: Canary Flex

What it is: Home security camera
Available at: www.canary.is/flex

The latest in home security, not only does the Canary Flex’s camera base swivel 360 degrees, you can plug it in or go wireless because it has built in lithium batteries. It has 4G LTS connectivity so there’s no need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to stream live video to your device. The HD camera features a wide-angle lens and records both video and audio. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the device is weatherproof and equipped with night vision. All Canary devices integrate with the Canary app on your smartphone so you can stay in control of your home from any location.

How do Andru’s picks hold up in everyday life? Three National Emerald Club road warriors tested out the Canary Flex in their daily lives and gave us their feedback.

“No matter where I am located in the country, I can get an instant view of what is going at my residence. I set up the camera over my front door and I can log into the device remotely via an app on my iPhone. I like that the camera can rotate left to right in order to get a full picture of the front of my house; that the feed is in color; and that the camera captures sound so I can listen to activity around my yard. The quality of the video is absolutely great, and I like the motion detection system that starts to record upon sensing any movement. It gives me peace of mind that I can check on the safety and security of my family as I travel.”

- James M., Lancaster, Ohio

“When I received the product, my first impression was that it may require a lot to get it set up. I was wrong. The Canary Flex was super easy to set up and use after downloading the app on a smartphone. I set up the Canary to face the entrance of my house and the Canary blended in perfectly and wouldn't be noticed by any intruder. I was out of town for work and wasn't expecting any activity as I assumed no one would be home. I got a notification within hours and watched the video. My son was at the house with friends (which was not allowed and I was able to stop a potential house party!).

- Judy T., Dalton, Ga.

“I really like the different settings, for example, sensing all motion versus people and animal motion. I used this product in my living room to keep an eye on my dog to see what he does when I'm not home. It gives me insight into my pet's level of anxiety when I leave the house. I also like the flexibility of going wireless with the camera and the battery only being used when I leave the house. I would recommend this product to a fellow business traveler. They would be able to ensure that their family and home are safe while they are traveling.”

- Anthony A., Anaheim, Calif.