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The 6 hottest tech gadgets for golfers in 2018

The annual PGA Merchandise Show is the golf industry’s one-stop-shop for the latest and most innovative technology, apparel and merchandise. I made the trip to Orlando to round up my favorite gadgets designed to help enhance your game in three major ways: speed, choice and control.


Blast Golf

Blast Golf

As the industry’s most accurate motion capture sensor, Blast Golf provides players with instant analysis, coaching, communication and management tools all from their smartphones. Using a sensor that snaps onto the putter, Blast Motion automatically captures golf swing, stroke and ball flight metrics with auto-edited video for every shot. Users can analyze details of each shot, view progress over time, track day-to-day performance and receive actionable tips to improve their golf game.



Golf shoes just got smarter. From the brains behind Salted Venture, the first spin-off startup from Samsung Electronics, comes the IOFIT smart golf shoe. Made with pressure sensor technology embedded in the soles of the shoes, IOFIT takes the guesswork out of training by tracking and analyzing balance and weight shift information during your swing. This unique combination of force plate and wearable technology connects to an app to provide instant feedback on how to improve your swing. Take multiple swings to track your consistency and progress and receive tailored tips. Want to see how you stack up against the pros? Use the app to compare yourself to some of the world’s best players. Dustin Johnson, we’re coming for you.




The CaddyTrek is the perfect product for golfers who want to walk the course without the burden of pushing a cart or carrying around a heavy golf bag. The pros don’t carry their own bags, so why should you? Using a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency signal technology, this robotic caddy allows golfers to walk hands-free so they can focus on their game, not their gear. Users can choose from four different operational modes: march, follow, remote control and manual. In marching and follow mode, users simply clip the remote to either the front or back of the waistband on their pants and the caddy system will lead or follow accordingly. Golfers also have the option to control the caddy system with the remote or wheel it manually. The CaddyTrek calculates speed, distance and angle to the player to avoid any collisions, and battery life lasts for 27 holes. The only thing you have to worry about is enjoying your round.


Gen i1

GENi1 Golf Ball

Putting costs even the best golfers valuable strokes on the course. The Gen i1 aims to give golfers of all levels more control over their game as the world’s first smart golf ball. The Gen i1 provides insight otherwise invisible to the human eye by embedding a 9-axis sensor inside the ball itself. Users can connect to the ball’s sensor through Bluetooth technology and receive putter and ball data on their smartphone. Track metrics regarding your ball’s initial direction, speed and impact force via the free Gen i1 app to learn which habits to continue and which to nix. The Gen i1 empowers users to improve their putting stroke like never before, whether you’re on the green or practicing in your cubicle.


The TrackMan is no stranger to PGA pros looking to optimize their performance on the golf course. Using radar technology, this product tracks the full trajectory of any shot from the moment of impact. TrackMan then pinpoints the landing position with an accuracy of less than 1 foot at 100 yards. Users can instantly see the ball’s 3D trajectory with 26 impact and ball flight parameters. Players can utilize TrackMan outdoors or in a simulator where they have access to some of the world’s greatest courses, just like the pros. Analyzing factors such as club speed, smash factor and launch angle, TrackMan takes the guesswork out of golf and helps players adapt their strategy to improve with each swing.

The Aiming TA3

The Aiming TA3

Ideal for the amateur golfer, this device helps players improve one of the most basic but difficult skills to master: proper alignment. The Aiming TA3 uses haptic vibration technology to alert players once they are in proper alignment. Simply clip the device to your belt and stand behind the ball in the direction of the target. Press a button on the side of the device to lock in the correct direction of the hole. The device will vibrate once your alignment is correct, giving you the best chance for a successful swing. If that wasn’t enough, the device also doubles as a green reader and ball marker. It can’t hit the ball straight for you, but it will make sure the balls you hit are headed straight for the pin.