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Car Rental and Emerald Club FAQs


Learn the ins and outs of renting a car with National and get more information on exclusive benefits offered for Emerald Club members.





General Car Rental Questions


Mileage and Authorized Driving Areas


Vehicles, Equipment and Protection Products


Citations & Tolls


Customer Service


Emerald Club



General Car Rental Questions


Is there a fee for an additional driver?


What do I do if my flight has been delayed?


Does National have a grace period for returning a car late?


How can I modify or cancel my reservation?


How old do you have to be to rent a car?


What are the methods of payment?


What are the rental requirements?


What are the taxes, surcharges and fees that I am paying?


What fuel options do you offer?


What is a drop charge?


What is the driver's license policy when renting a vehicle with National?


What is your pet policy?



Mileage and Authorized Driving Areas


Am I allowed to take my rental vehicle out of the country?


Is there a fee to return the vehicle to a different location?



Vehicles, Equipment and Protection Products


Does National offer coverage products for purchase with my rental?


What type of additional equipment is offered on National rental cars?


Can I add snow chains? Can I be guaranteed a four-wheel drive SUV?


Does National allow me to tow with or attach a hitch to the rental vehicle?


What types of child safety seats do you offer? Are they guaranteed?


What is National Car Rental's safety recall policy?



Citations & Tolls


Why did I get a citation?


Does National offer the ability to use toll lanes?


How can I appeal a toll or violation?


How can I obtain payment information or a copy of a receipt for my toll charges?


How do I sign up to automatically receive toll receipts?



Customer Service


How do I obtain a receipt for my rental?


Does National have a lost and found?



Emerald Club


How do I get into my Emerald Club account?


Can a spouse or family member use my Emerald Club account/profile?


Can I earn Emerald Club rental and free day credits when renting at Enterprise?


Can I get my higher status with a competitor matched?


Can I transfer my Emerald Club free days to someone?


See our Member Services page for additional information regarding our Emerald Club Program.



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