The Control Center

A Celebration of the Business Pro

You're a professional. A pace-setter. Always on the go. You drive the deal, lead the conversation, recharge during a red eye and do it all over again the next day. You know what you want, and you're going to get it. You lean in to get things done and lean back after a job well done.

Welcome to the Control Center, a hub of wisdom designed to give you, the Business Pro, the speed, choice and control you expect from life on the road.

Local Legends

These are the stories of local personalities – musicians, chefs, street performers, entrepreneurs, bartenders, etc. – who reveal insider information about destinations across the U.S. With a finger soundly on the pulse of their hometown, each “local legend” reflects on their town and what makes it special. See more...

Explore San Francisco with Local Legend Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe shares his favorite places in San Francisco and lessons he’s learned as America’s first concierge.

Explore Brooklyn with Local Legend André Hueston Mack

Join entrepreneur and wine connoisseur André Hueston Mack on a tour of his favorite places in Brooklyn – and his impressive career.

Explore Chicago with Local Legend Billy Dec

Chicago native Billy Dec visits his favorite Windy City spots and shares stories from his journey as an entrepreneur.



Technically Speaking

Tech expert Andru Edwards demos the latest gadgets for business pros, and National Emerald Club members share how these products bring Speed, Choice and Control to their lives. See more...

Technically Speaking - Episode 1

Technically Speaking - Episode 1

On the first episode of Technically Speaking, Andru Edwards demos the Bamboo Spark, DietSensor and Amazon Echo Dot.

Technically Speaking – Episode 2

Technically Speaking – Episode 2

Andru demos the Overcast App, Bragi The Headphone and the Scottevest OTG Jacket.

Technically Speaking – Episode 3

Technically Speaking – Episode 3

Andru demos the UO Smart Beam, the Activ5 and the Bluesmart One Carry-On Suitcase.


Leadership Lessons

Michelle Kwan, Ginni Rometty and other trailblazing women share empowering words of wisdom during the 2017 KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit. See more...

Leadership Lessons - Michelle Kwan

Leadership Lessons - Michelle Kwan

Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan emphasizes the importance of being resilient.

Leadership Lessons - Ginni Rometty

Leadership Lessons - Ginni Rometty

IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty shares an important lesson about getting out of your comfort zone.

Leadership Lessons - Condoleezza Rice

Leadership Lessons - Condoleezza Rice

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shares an important lesson about facing prejudice head on.


Live Life Like a Pro

Road warriors, travel experts and lifestyle aficionados share insights on making the most of your next business trip. Get the inside scoop on airports, destinations, enjoying your down time and more. See more...

How to Spend 24 Hours in New Orleans

New Orleans is a city with soul. Use our itinerary to make the most of the next 24 extra hours you spend in the Big Easy.



5 Ways to Have Fun on Your Next Business Trip

Finding time for rest and relaxation is just as important — if not more so — when you’re on the road. Discover five ways to add fun to your business trip.

Perks and Amenities at Portland International Airport

With more than 60 stores and restaurants, Portland International Airport offers travelers a break from the ordinary airport experience.



A Control Enthusiast’s Guide to Life

Control Enthusiasts call the shots in every situation. Watch Patrick Warburton take charge of everyday life and stay in the driver’s seat. See more...

Smooth Operator

Whether he’s in the operating room or the National Emerald Aisle, Control Enthusiast Patrick Warburton is in total control of everything he does.



Fairways to Freeways

Learn about the world's top golf courses, resorts and amateur golf destinations from The Golf Channel’s travel insider Matt Ginella. See more...

Top 5 NFL Golf Cities

Top 5 NFL Golf Cities

According to the latest power rankings, fall golf and football knows no rival. But what’s the best NFL city for public golf?

Reflections on the Year in Golf

Reflections on the Year in Golf

Matt Ginella reflects on another year of stories on short courses, sustainability, municipals, makeovers and effective grow-the-game initiatives.